eCommerce Solutions

We have helped hundreds of businesses implement eCommerce solutions of varying complexity, including leading brands.

eCommerce Services Consulting

We are confident that we have what it takes to help you implement a platform for digital sales that meets your needs. Our team is able to distill the lessons learnt in coming up with an eCommerce platform that suits your needs perfectly. We are there to support you create an online store and operate your online business profitably.

Ecommerce Solution Planning

We start by assessing your unique requirements. Eminent Influencer recognizes that businesses in different industries have different needs. We do not offer a one-fits-all solution but rather a cut-your-cloth-according-to-your needs approach.
What to consider when planning;


Integrating with other systems is a mandatory requirement of robust ecommerce systems of today. You need to link to vendors, government systems, auditors and other partners that are needed to keep your business running. Our team is very experienced in deploying different APIs needed to keep the backend of your ecommerce site running smoothly. You can expect systems integrations to cover needs in:

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Things we look into.

These following statistic channels are the most efficiency proven ones for helping manage & understand your business. We help with all these.

Sale Progress

Keep track of your sale progress
concerning orders, revenues, customer
base and profits in a regular basis.

Comparison Bars

Make remarkable comparison bars to
keep up with the trends and keep your competitors at sight.

Proportional charts

Create proportional charts to learn the composite factors affecting sales, customers’ preferences and trends.

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