socia media scheduling

Keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once, across your social accounts.

Fast, affordable and simple for everyone to use

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Centralize your social media publishing and save time by scheduling your social posts tool

Never run out of inspiration

Eminent Influncer gives you post ideas, based on trending topics, RSS feeds, date related events and social media best practices.

No More Spreadsheets

Now, with Eminent Influencer, you can manage all your social media content — organic posts & ads — from one platform. Plus, you get notified every time someone in your team updates or comments on a piece of content, with email, push & Slack notifications.

Manage all assets in 1 place

Influncer helps you store, organize and use your photos, videos, notes, links and post templates in a central, intuitive Library.

Quick access to the largest library of the best content on social media

Uncover what your marketing personas actually find engaging across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and further filter your search by post type, industry, reactions, comments and more.

Fuel creativity with unlimited content ideas

Join the hundreds of organizations that create graphics with Eminent Influencer. All made to be customizable so as to suit your needs.

See what Eminent Influencer offers you on matters posting.

Centralize your social media publishing and save time by scheduling your social posts tool

Optimal Posting Frequency

Find out how often to post to
each social media platform.

Smart Posting Time

Schedule at the best time to make your
post visible to a broader audience.

Various Content Types

Know when to post educational,
promotional, motivational, etc. content.

Gather insights on how your content performs on social

Our analytics allows you to measure in real time your posts’ performances once they have been published. You can then identify at a glance which topics and content types your audience is most interested in, and loop this information back into your planning process..

Edit visuals right here, In promorepublic interface

Tweak templates or create bright visuals from scratch in minutes with built-in Graphics Editor. Tailor sizes for any network and be sure your posts won’t go unnoticed on social.

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