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EMI Influencer is a top-tier influencer marketing agency that bridges brands with their audiences using the power of digital media. We excel in crafting impactful campaigns, leveraging our diverse network of influencers, carefully chosen based on brand alignment, target audience, and marketing goals. Our team stays ahead of trends and algorithms, ensuring effective campaign planning, execution, and tracking. We prioritize transparent communication, providing regular reports to demonstrate ROI. Partner with EMI Influencer for cutting-edge influencer marketing strategies that propel your brand to new digital heights.

Our Project

The Influence Agency leverages a refined process to ensure successful influencer marketing campaigns. We start by pre-screening influencers, aligning their genuine interests with our clients’ objectives for authenticity. With an extensive database, we connect influencers to client goals, whether it’s boosting brand awareness or driving sales. We foster collaborative content creation, tailored to resonate with the influencer’s audience and shared across various social media platforms. Our strategy maximizes reach, ensuring content connects the brand to the target audience, driving engagement and fostering growth across client’s social media profiles.

Sectors of Activity

At EMI Influencer, we firmly believe that collaboration and effective communication with our clients pave the way for the most innovative campaigns. Our agency’s foundation is built upon a combination of passion and fostering meaningful human relationships, all with the aim of meeting your unique needs. With EMI Influencer, you can expect a partnership that prioritizes your goals and delivers outstanding results through our expertise in influencer marketing.


Across All Platforms

Our Influencer Marketing Capabilities:

Nano Influencer Campaigns

At EMI Influencer, we recognize that influencers come in various shapes and sizes. However, we understand the power of strategic collaboration when combining a roster of cost-effective nano influencers. As an expert agency specializing in nano influencers, we diligently seek out influencers with highly targeted and engaged audiences. By bringing these influencers together, we unlock the potential for achieving a higher return on investment (ROI) than they could attain individually. Our unique approach leverages the collective strength of nano influencers, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns for our clients.

Micro-Influencer Campaigns

Micro-influencers offer a powerful advantage that goes beyond mere numbers. While their follower count may be smaller, their engagement rates are often equal to or even better than those of more costly influencers. As an agency specializing in micro-influencers, we comprehend the importance of value and strategic audience targeting. We prioritize reaching the right audiences through micro-influencers who can deliver impactful results. At our agency, we recognize that it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the meaningful connections and high-quality engagement that micro-influencers can bring to your brand.

Celebrity Influencer Campaigns

Having a celebrity influencer on your side can be a game-changer, but it often comes with a substantial cost. As a well-established agency specializing in celebrity influencers, we possess the expertise to identify, negotiate with, and effectively utilize celebrity influencers in a manner that aligns with your budgetary expectations while surpassing your objectives. We excel at maximizing the value of celebrity influencer partnerships, ensuring that you receive optimal results while maintaining cost efficiency. With our experience and strategic approach, we enable you to harness the potential of celebrity influencers without compromising your financial goals.

YouTube Influencer Campaigns

YouTube influencers are highly versatile content creators who have cultivated dedicated audiences through engaging and relatable videos. At our YouTube Influencer Agency, we collaborate with the platform’s most exceptional influencers to enhance brand awareness and credibility. Through captivating product demos, thought-provoking interviews, and impactful channel takeovers, we leverage the influence of YouTube creators to elevate your brand’s presence. Our expertise lies in strategically partnering with YouTube influencers, allowing us to harness their creativity and reach to effectively promote your brand and connect with your target audience.



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Why Chose EMI Influencer:

At EMI Influencer, we are not your typical digital influencer agency. Our sole focus is on driving growth. By combining strategy, creativity, and in-depth audience segmentation and analysis, we craft compelling content that truly resonates. We are dedicated to producing impactful stories that make a measurable impact, moving the needle for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Services and Prices

À La Carte Influencer Strategy Services

Influencer Talent Discovery

Influencer Marketing Playbook

Influencer Marketing Playbook Plus


Identify and build a list of influencers that fit your campaign’s ideal demographic goals.

Includes a list of influencers that meet your campaign’s ideal demographic goals & a custom strategy for achieving influencer endorsements.

Includes everything in the standard influencer marketing Playbook, plus a 30 minute consultation with an Influencer Marketing Subject Matter Expert.





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À La Carte Influencer Post Services

Influencer Type

Text/Image Posts, Mentions & Pins

Short Form Videos (Instagram Stories, Reels & TikToks)

Long Form Videos (YouTube & Twitch)

Clients can create a budget for how many posts they’d like us to publish over the course of a quarter based on their ideal influencer’s audience size and post type

These post styles are very popular and require more work on the influencer’s behalf

These posts typically involve a larger effort and time commitment from the influencer to produce

Nano Influencer (1k – 10k Followers)




Micro Influencer (10k – 50k Followers)




Mid-Tier Influencer (50k – 100k Followers)




Macro Influencer (100k – 250k Followers)




Mega Influencer (250k – 500k Followers)




Power Influencer (500k – 1M Followers)




Celebrity Influencer (1M+ Followers)




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