All to know about Digital Currency

Overview about Digital Currency

In the past, goods are bought by a currency that is in the form of coins and paper. As the world is progressing day by day, technology has changed the form of currency in the present and future. Digital currency has taken over the place of old currency. Nowadays, goods are purchased using digital currency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is widely being used for purchasing and selling purposes. To make the transactions secure, an online record is made in the form of cryptography. Digital currency is now becoming of great interest as people are using it to trade for benefit. The value of a digital currency is increasing day by day.

Bitcoin is one of the popular cryptocurrencies that has seen much high and fall this year in pricing. The price of this cryptocurrency raised in April and fall in May this year (2021). Again, the Prices show a sudden rise in mid of October.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is widely used to buy goods and services. Payments are made online via this currency. Many companies are in a struggle of forming their cryptocurrency. Some of them have already issued their cryptocurrency. That currency can be used to buy goods and services being provided by this company. The decentralized technology behind the working of cryptocurrency is blockchain. It works by recording the transactions going online. Security is the main concern for using digital currency and recording transactions.


Types of Cryptocurrencies

There are 13000 different cryptocurrencies widely being used for trading purposes. Its value is proliferating and raising by every day passing on. The popular in all types of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and its value is nearly $1.2 trillion. Other famous cryptocurrency types include Ethereum, Binance coin, Tether, Solana, XRP, Cardano, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Terra, Litecoin, and USD coin.


Cryptocurrencies prices

The market capitalization of different cryptocurrencies is as;

Bitcoin is at $1.2 trillion, Ethereum is of $548.4 billion, Binance coin is at $103.8 billion, Tether is of $73.9 billion, Solana is at $69.4 billion, Cardano is of $67.9 billion, XRP is $55.8 billion, Polkadot is $45.3 billion, USD is at $34.4 billion and Dogecoin is of $33.8 billion.

The popularity of Digital Currency

Digital currency is so popular among its users. It has various reasons why it is attracting people so very much. The topmost reason is that cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is the currency of the future. People know that its value is seen increasing in near future. That’s why they want to purchase it now so that it can profit them in the future when it will become more profitable. People see a decline in the central banking system that manages the money supply. They decrease the value of money by inflation. But in the future, this will no more be in the hands of the banking system.


People are satisfied with the technology working behind cryptocurrency. The blockchain that is decentralized processing is more secure than the traditional system. It records the transactions more effectively and is known to be more secure and safe. Security is the main concern in any type of transaction. People see this currency going up in value in near future. So, they find it more secure and profitable to invest in it. The more rise in its value, the happier will be users.

Investing in Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency may show a rise in its value in near future. But not all investors think of it as a real investment. The reason behind it is cryptocurrency lacks cash flow. One can get profit in cryptocurrency if offered by more than you paid for currency. In a traditional business, profit is generated over time and cash flow is increased. But digital currency is different from traditional ones. It has different operating technology. Warren Buffett is a great investor of bitcoin. According to him, bitcoin is a very effective way of generating profit. The future is of digital currency. A check is a piece of paper transferring money. It becomes of the same value as the money just because it is transferring money.


Cryptocurrency is not stable though. It lacks this property. Its value can be high at any time and low some other time. To invest money somewhere, stability is most important. Stability determines a fair price for a product between merchant and consumer. The instability in the price value of cryptocurrency makes people a bit confusing. Either, it can become more n more valuable in the future, still, people are less likely to spend on it.

Want to buy Cryptocurrency?

To buy cryptocurrency, you need U.S dollars or you can have the same or different type of cryptocurrency. All you need is an online app that can keep your money such as a wallet. An account is needed to exchange, and real money is transferred to buy cryptocurrency. You can buy bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other type. Various cryptocurrency trading exchanges and online brokers are here where you can buy and sell digital currency. Coinbase is a famous trading exchange for cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. Free cryptocurrency trades are offered by Robinhood.


Cryptocurrency is Legal or not?

In the United States, there arises no question if it is legal or not. It is widely being used here. However, China has banned cryptocurrency. If we talk about other countries, it varies from one to another. Some countries allow it, and some countries have banned it completely. Every country has its individual decision. Beware of scammers. It becomes your responsibility to protect yourself from frauds and scams.  Before investing in bulk, make sure they are legal and authorized.

Beware of Scammers

Before investing anywhere in cryptocurrency, make sure to make a few investigations to confirm whether it is safe and secure or fraud and scam. If you are investing in a company, have a look at its prospectus to know the following useful information about it:

  • Knowing the name of the owner of the company is very important. If it is a famous and trustable name, it is a good sign that you can invest here.
  • Check out the list of other investors here. If the investors who are interesting in this company are trustable, your trust develops more in this company. It gives a positive sign that you can invest here. It means other trusted parties want to have this digital currency.
  • You are buying in bulk or just having tokens create much difference. Buying in bulk or stake means you are an owner here.

It is very important to know that the digital currency provided by the company is already grown or they need money to raise their digital currency. The more grown currency means it would be less risky. But if it is under development, it can be a bit risky to invest in such digital currency.


The more detail in the prospectus means the more trustable the company is. But the question about the value of the digital currency has a different baseline and it depends on the rise and fall of the market of digital currency.

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