Interactive Facebook Post To Get (FREE) Traffic

Nothing’s for free nowadays! Wondering how to get traffic from Facebook without shelling out cash? What about some Interactive facebook post. If you’ve been sharing content on Facebook with the aim of driving traffic to your website and probably notice that you are not getting the results you want. One surely can buy Facebook traffic with social advertising but again the trouble is that can soon add up, and not every business or account has a huge marketing budget.

But what that if you could get traffic from Facebook without spending a dime?

So first let’s list down that who can actually do this. Any individual with a personal Facebook profile and businesses that have got a Facebook business page can follow the strategies.

So first we should know that Facebook algorithm loves engagement. Facebook Engagement is any action someone takes on your Facebook page or one of your posts. The most common examples are likescomments and shares. And not only that but checking into your location or tagging in a post.

Facebook engagement matters because it helps extend organic reach. The first strategy we go down with is:

Engage, teach, inform or inspire

Remember the audience is never looking for a sales pitch and they certainly never do.

The audience always want to engage with the content that makes them laugh, draws them to think or improve or inspire their lives in some way.

Drive out a content or even design one which connects you to the audience and for that we step onto our next strategy:

Get acquainted with your audience

The content that you find engaging and entertaining is not relevant. When you are looking for such engagement then it your audience’s wants and needs that matter.

What’s more is that it’s dubious to comprehend what those needs and wants are unless you really know and understand who your audience is. There are very useful sights provided that give you tons of information about your audience like “Facebook page insights”.

Some of the profiles used page insights to research their audience and determined what kind of content their audience liked. And they learned that costumers liked informative content like recipes with some piece of emphasized media content.

Creating personas for the crowd can help you understand your followers better. And it a great cycle to help ensure you prioritize your audience’s/followers needs and target down your content to their likes and needs.

Make it short

Always keep posts short and sweet to capture attention quickly and make users to stop scrolling to engage. Majority of people use Facebook application on their mobile devices and % of them just scroll down either without looking at the content or spend 1.7 seconds to consume an item of content. Even people browsing on a computer only spend 2.5 seconds on single content. But there is also a good fact that people can recall content after just seeing it for just 0.25 sec so you better be fast, precise, available and entertain and catchy to get their attention. 


Interactive facebook post

You don’t need any fancy cameras or any photography equipment. Surprisingly your mobile phone is all you need to get started. The posts that include a photo or a short video see higher than average engagement rates. It gets around 120% more engagement than posts with no photos. Use full sized images to emphasize.

To create full sized image Interactive Facebook posts, upload the image directly. Link to your blog post in your text update. Use a shortened link such as a to keep your post text looking cleaner.

Small tips for making your images big:

  • Upload a visually appealing related image to increase click through’s to your page.
  • Check your Facebook and blog site metrics to analyze the success of your full sized images. Repeat the types of posts that work best for you.
  • Use a shortened link in your full sized image posts, to keep your text cleaner.

Host contests and ask questions

Generate the traffic to your blog by posting interactive content, like small contests with giveaways and then promote it by giving shout outs on various Facebook pages. Make your content more shareable.

Nothing but a great question is also a great way to kick off an active comment thread

  • How do you complete this action?
  • Why do you like this event or brand?
  • Do you agree with a notable statement, event, person, etc.?
  • What’s your favorite fill in the blank?

Be a little more courteous and ask the audience about what kind of content they want to see from you. Then give them what they ask for. This self-driven content will inspire even more engagement.

Publish consistently and at the right times

Since the feed is based on a specific algorithm. It’s very unlikely that all your audience will see your posted content; the moment it’s posted. Facebook itself tells that you’re more likely to see engagement if you post when your friends are online. You can get to know when your audience is active on Facebook using page insights.

  • From your Facebook Page, click Insights at the top of the screen
  • In the left column, click Posts
  • Click When Your fans Are Online

Times are appeared in your nearby time region. If most of your audience seems to be online in the middle of the night then this is the best way to use schedule Interactive Facebook posts.

The actual important thing is to post consistently so your followers generally expect to see content from you regularly.

Use stories

Just like Instagram stories; Facebook stories also pop on the top of the feed. A great way to drive audience to your recent content.  And since people expect production quality to be lower on Stories, you can be more personal and in-the-moment to build a stronger personal connection with followers.

Try out all these promoting tips and watch your page traffic actively grow!

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