Influencers making use of social media in Covid-19

There is always an end of everything either it is good or bad. Whether it takes days, months, or even years, it will end. The World Health Organization scientists have forecasted that COVID-19 pandemic will end too. We know that there will be very fewer handshakes and hugs in the pandemic but people reacting to brands will evolve. In this age of social distancing, only social media influencers have survived. Now, it leaves us with the question that when the world will settle into the new regular, what will be the role of influencers?

While post-pandemic social media marking was being discussed, several specialists were inquired about the role of social media influencers that they have of play in the upcoming days or months, it can include the connection with their audience and for them to be authentic.

  • Connection with the audience
  • Be authentic

Connection with the audience

The audience is key for influencers. As far as they have a good connection with the audience, they are at the top but the da they lost their connection with the audience, it will not take a second to drop them off from the position where they are.

Influencers reconnection with the audience

Social media influencers have spent much time in making a connection with their audience but what they will do when people will come out of lockdowns and quarantines. The topic of discussion under here is how influencers will reconnect with the audience that is away from the brands for more than two months.

Ever since the lockdown and quarantines have started, influencers have become the main source for readers either it is for cooking, makeup class for girls, or religious lectures for mostly older people.

  • Online shopping

Online shopping is the only source available now for people who love to shop. Readers are now discovering the brands that they love and as they are planning to keep buying online, influencers can help them in shopping by being truly authentic about the brand that they use.

Brand reconnection with the audience

When the lockdown will be over, it will not be just influencers who will have to reconnect with their audience, brands too will have to find many meaningful ways to participate explained Jared Augustine, co-founder & CEO of social media marketing platform Julius.

Before selecting an influencer partner, brands need to focus on two main things:

  • Storytelling
  • Engagement rate

They need to ask themselves which influencer is best for adding complexity to its brand with the content that the also drives assignation. As customer attention is the main target of brands, they must lean into the influencer that can reconnect with a much larger audience. Marketers should not forget that influencers already have a much larger audience, and this audience will be going to increase in the pandemic due to emotional currency that is now the most important part of retaining the attention.

Be authentic

Social media influencers need to be authentic with the content instead of “Showing off”. Many people are now besieged or are being overwhelmed so that they relate better to those influencers who are sharing their stories of how they are dealing with the crisis or they offer an escape through any kind of content such as comedic. But being overly advertising can also be a turnoff to the followers.

Brands partnership with influencers

Influencers should not need to go far to embrace the pandemic brands, instead, they should focus on the brands that they use in daily life. So that there should be no off-post. They should put them all effort into true brand partnership and their enthusiasm for the content that is original. Their content should be very beneficial that should either be solving any problem or providing any benefit. The main motive is that influencers should be honest with their audience that is very important is this world now.

Fitness influencers:

As people are now focusing on the at-home workout, fitness influencer has seen a spike in direct to consumers-sales. Unlike the fashion or travel business, fitness has become an incongruity in the influencer’s business. They focus much on direct-to consumers services rather than brand partnerships for any kind of revenue. With an increased interest in the home work-out, many of them have seen an increase in sales online. They need to be authentic for what they are doing rather than just looking at some random fitness tips and asking them to follow it.

A pandemic isn’t over yet, some influencers need to go to their quarantines as their is possibility of the resurrection of the outbreak. Just like everyone else, influencers also need to lean into the virtual events to keep their connection with the audience. As we are noticing that virtual events are getting more immersive and we don’t know how much more time we are going to spend with it.

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